Sunday, July 4, 2010

Easy summer living

Here in Colorado, summer is what I live for. No threat of snow is the main reason. Here are a few of the highlights from our summer opening ceremonies.

dumping camera 448

These are the kids’ end-of-year, beginning-of-summer-fun gifts.

 dumping camera 449dumping camera 450Sdumping camera 456

These are my beautiful hanging baskets along the driveway. One of my favorite things about summer…

 dumping camera 459

Pool time!

dumping camera 461 dumping camera 463 dumping camera 464 dumping camera 465

And the big kid couldn’t resist showing off either!

Our big sporting event of the summer is Logan’s T-ball league. He loves playing, and he LOVES his jersey with his name on it!

 dumping camera 469 dumping camera 470 dumping camera 471 dumping camera 472 dumping camera 473 dumping camera 474 dumping camera 475

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in our house, and a lemonade stand is where the money is. They made $25 in three hours! Slightly more than minimum wage, and to think they are barely more than four feet tall…

dumping camera 477  dumping camera 478 dumping camera 479 dumping camera 480 dumping camera 481 dumping camera 482 dumping camera 483 dumping camera 476

An unsuspecting customer doesn’t know that he is about to taste the best lemonade he’s ever had!

dumping camera 484

The end of the work day, with a pocket full of money.

dumping camera 485


In May, Logan graduated from kindergarten! This was a big event because, as Derek likes to yell from the audience, Logan was the “First one in the family to graduate! Yeah!”

Not really, but Derek finds this very amusing.  dumping camera 420dumping camera 422 dumping camera 429dumping camera 423 dumping camera 424 dumping camera 426 dumping camera 427  dumping camera 430
Logan with his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ann Hausmann


dumping camera 436

Then we had an ice-cream party with all the graduating kindies from our church in our backyard. It was really fun, and messy!

dumping camera 440

dumping camera 434dumping camera 435  dumping camera 437 dumping camera 438 dumping camera 439   dumping camera 442   dumping camera 445I love that Harrison Watabe is completely comfortable with all these cute girls! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Move over, Chuck Norris!

Our sweet Logan recently completed his yellow belt testing in Tae Kwon Doe, and is now an official orange belt. Yes, this is a big deal in our house.

Here he is with Derek, getting mentally prepped for the upcoming showdown.

easter, jensens, meredith 006

Here is the little man doing his yellow belt form, which is NOT EASY! Derek and I had to learn it also so we could practice with him.

easter, jensens, meredith 003 easter, jensens, meredith 004easter, jensens, meredith 005     

Here he is getting the official orange belt in a solemn ceremony.

 easter, jensens, meredith 011 easter, jensens, meredith 012  easter, jensens, meredith 014 easter, jensens, meredith 015

And here is the new orange belt with two of his biggest fans – Momma and Mr. James, his teacher.

easter, jensens, meredith 016easter, jensens, meredith 017

We are so proud of you, Logan!